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Care & Support

For many of us travelling on one of life’s journeys – the road of recovery, road home from hospital, road to health - can be daunting. We will face obstacles, challenges and decisions for which we may need some help and guidance, but we may not have an obvious support network to provide it.

We tend to ask our friends, our families and our neighbours for help and advice but what happens if they can’t answer our questions or feel unable to help? How do we create a support network?

Do we turn to our GPs, Emergency Services or our Local Authorities? Do they have the time, resources or knowledge to help us?

The chances are, the help, advice and support we need to overcome our challenges is close at hand within our communities. We just don’t know it exists.

FROG makes it easy to find the help and support you may require by signposting to local care and support providers in an easy to use directory – allowing you to select the appropriate level of support for your own personal needs and budget. Giving you the control over your own journey – empowering you to choose as little or as much support as you need.

Local Knowledge
Frog lists local care and support providers within appropriate categories so that you can find whatever service you could need in your locality. The navigation system has been designed by local professionals who understand the local care and support landscape in your area.
Action not Words
The internet is awash with billions of general information sites. Frog connects you to the local people, professionals, organisations and agencies that can DELIVER all the help and support that you may need.
FROG has been designed to offer you, personal control, over the self-directed support and care services in your local area, that you believe will best suit your personal needs.
Cost Effective
By giving you a choice and enabling you to create your own personal ‘Frog basket’ of service providers, you are now best placed to determine which services you can afford so that you can allocate your personal budget appropriately.

What's On

We are naturally social animals; relying on each other for basic survival. Social connections are emotionally comforting and can have a very positive impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing. But how many people know exactly what groups and activities exist within their area?

One of the key features of FROG is that it offers every local group, activity and event in your area, the opportunity to be visible so you can now stop asking and start finding!

Frog is determined to play a major part in a new social movement, which will also go a long way to eradicating isolation, by bringing together like-minded local people with similar interests.

Whatever special interest would get you out the house, whether it’s a bright Sunday afternoon or dark murky evening; walking groups, scrabble, chess or bridge clubs, stamp collecting, knitting, flower arranging, dancing, coffee ‘n’ chats, cycling, star gazing, writing, model making, cooking, baking or any type of group, club or activity.

Easy to List
You can get your group or activity listed within seconds. Simply register for Frog and click on the green ‘Add Listing’ button at the top of the page and then follow the simple instructions.
Easy to Find
Frog breaks down most activities into a simple directory menu. Making your group easy to find. If you feel that your group doesn’t fit into our chosen categories then let us know!
Once listed you can update your group’s entry as often as you like – ensuring the information is always current and relevant.
Cost Effective
Frog offers you more than a simple directory listing – it gives your group a real web presence. Keep your information up to date, upload brochures, make a short video and you have the perfect mini web site.

About Frog

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Frog is a new social media platform, focused on the wellbeing of UK citizens and communities by uniquely grouping people 'Geographically'.

All of the services, groups and activities needed to lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives are grouped in Local Authority areas.

Frog was founded in 2016 by Cal, who has experienced his own recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction. Looking back at his darkest days, his family, and their respective GPs for that matter, could not source the local support networks he needed.

Cal was lucky to find the much-needed information which saved his life but others have not been so fortunate so he has made it his mission to introduce a national system which signposts the UK public to a choice of local services and support solutions within a couple of clicks, not pages and pages of disparate general advice and information – much of it white noise and irrelevant.

He envisaged Frog, and from a chance meeting with social entrepreneur and founder of Capita, Sir Rod Aldridge, who immediately recognised the need and benefit of one national system, integrating health, wellbeing and social care information, led to the financial support required for the development of

Meet the Team

CEO & Founder
Glasgow based Cal created Frog having identified a need for a single nationwide care and support solutions platform following his own recovery journey from alcohol and drug addiction.
Nick Kuenssberg OBE, DUniv
Nick Kuenssberg is currently chairman of several private and public organisations including Social Investment Scotland and the Royal Conservatoire. He an honorary professor at the University of Glasgow and member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Adam Smith Business School, a business angel and mentor.
Sir Rod Aldridge OBE
Sir Rod Aldridge is the founder and former executive chairman of Capita, and is currently Chairman of the Aldridge Foundation, an educational charity which sponsors academy schools in England and champions entrepreneurial education.
Prof. David Best
Based at Sheffield Hallam University, Professor David Best's key areas of expertise are the relationship between drugs and crime, and the area of desistance from offending and recovery from drug and alcohol problems. He also has considerable expertise around deaths in police custody.
Iain Hale MSc
IT Director
Iain is a highly experienced data management and technical architect. He has worked on several major customer experience projects and applications in the healthcare, local government and private sectors.
Phil Worms
Operations Director
Phil is an experienced tech sector professional having held senior positions with companies such as iomart, Centrica and BT. He recently developed the Digital Xtra Fund computing and digital skills initiative on behalf of the Scottish Government.
Zack Davidson
Software Developer
Zack is a highly talented software developer. Mainly focused on front end, he has great back end development skills too. He has been developing his own applications since he was 11.

Frog News

Tuesday 13th February 2018

Online local health, wellbeing and social care services take a giant leap forward with Frog

Stirling Council has today announced the launch of a new digital local information sharing platform designed to help its citizens lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives.
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Thursday 5th October 2017

Calling all Champions!

One of Frog’s many powerful features is the Champions Cinema.
Frog Founder and CEO, Cal, who has experienced his own recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction stated: “The Champions Cinema is the area on Frog where people can share their stories, experiences, skills and knowledge for the betterment of others in their physical community. And we want Champions to come forward now, before our national launch, to start telling their stories, offering tips and advice so that others can benefit from their shared experiences.”
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Monday 18th October 2017

Frog to enter BETA phase with offer for Scotland

Frog, the social platform that connects the UK public to local help and support for a broad range of health, wellbeing and social care issues, is preparing to enter Beta phase prior to a nationwide launch on 2nd April 2018.

Health and social care Service Providers, local businesses and community Groups will soon be able to add their listings and upload data to the frog platform in October.
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Tuesday 2nd April 2017

YourHealthMatters hits the road as Frog!

The Glasgow based technology company YourHealthMatters, behind the UK’s first national health, wellbeing and social care platform, has rebranded as Frog Systems.

CEO and Founder Cal stated: “As we near the public launch of the platform we were aware that we would need an online brand that would be easily recalled and would stand out from the thousands of individual information web sites that exist covering health, wellbeing and social care issues.”
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Local Authorities and Health & Social Care Partnerships

An introduction to frog
My Story
This is a story about my life
The philosophy of frog
This is a walkthrough on how to use frog
We have a proposal

Frog is a national online information platform focused on localities, signposting people to local help and support for a broad range of health, wellbeing and social care issues. Frog’s principle aim is to help people lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives by preventing ill health and promoting good health and vibrant communities from an asset based approach giving people the knowledge and power to manage their own lives effectively. brings together service providers that deliver health, wellbeing and social care solutions, it also signposts local communities to local businesses, groups, activities and visitor attractions creating a central portal for everyone’s benefit.

We have worked in partnership with Stirling Local Authority developing this Community Platform for other Local Authorities.
For the first time in this digital era, the public will have a GoTo place to source local information including what’s-on events, local jobs, lost & found, police alerts and other real-time information/news that people are demanding today.

Frog has built solutions to reduce loneliness/isolation and the Champions Cinema is going to be a lifeline for so many people that otherwise feel alone and do not realise there are solutions to their challenges.
Frog is a social movement.
Every LA area has its own dedicated Site within the Frog platform.

With Frog - People stop asking and start finding
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Self-Directed Support
Frog has been specifically designed to underpin the Self Directed Support model. Citizens can self- select the local service providers within your area who provide the services and support that they require.
Asset Based Approach
Every community contains a wide variety of support and special interest groups – but they remain largely invisible to the majority of the local population. Frog signposts end users to the activities happening on their doorsteps.
Local Authorities have the ability to create, manage and curate their own customised Care & Support area of Frog. Each LA is already featured on the platform.
Low Cost
Access to Frog’s secure, cloud based platform is via a single annual license fee. No capital, no ongoing maintenance, To find out more and to discover how you can activate your local authority area on FROG contact us now.
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An introduction to frog
My Story
How frog came to be
How to use frog
Organisation Listing - £19.99 per month
(contact us to discuss other options) (excl VAT)
  • We’ll Build your site
  • Market your site
  • Drive new clients in your direction
  • Telephone support
  • No set up charges
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go
  • No contracts
  • No cancellation fees
  • All-year-round online presence
  • Local visibility in the areas served
  • Unlimited What’s On Events posts
  • Unlimited Job/Volunteering posts
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What’s On Event Listing
only £5 or FREE for organisations with a Listing
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Harnessing the Power of Peer Support

Share Experience

Communities are people and every member of a community is a potential asset. For a community to thrive people must believe they genuinely can make a difference.

The Champions Cinema provides an online platform for Champion Citizens to share their stories, experiences, tips, skills and knowledge to help others live long, safe, happy and healthy lives.

When we see and hear people, tell stories and share information, we become personally engaged in the content in a way that is just not possible with printed information. The impact is immediate, our attention is caught, our emotions are stirred, we recognise authenticity, credibility and the messages become relatable.

Making a video for the Champions Cinema is easy. Please don’t worry about the style – it’s what you say that matters. A couple of minutes of your time might change someone’s life for ever.

Think of it as a Video Selfie! You can make a video now if you have a mobile phone or tablet.

Wellbeing Champs
When life takes a wrong turn - whatever the problem you're facing - if you've no idea where to look for help, it can leave you feeling very lonely. Seeing and hearing real life people tell their own story, who have escaped the same dark corner, can help you realise that you are not alone and give you belief that you can do it too!
Living With... Champs
Living with long term illness requires knowledge, help and support. It is not just the sufferer that is affected by the situation; family, friends and colleagues may also require guidance to ensure they understand the challenges being faced and are best prepared to offer support. Hear how other people ‘in your shoes’ cope.
Knowledge Champs
It is often stated that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Our Knowledge Champs share tips, advice and lived experiences which will hopefully stop a negative situation arising before it has begun – from email scams to accident prevention and much more.
Activity Champs
Groups and clubs are the lifeblood of any community. Hear our Activity Champs reveal how they founded groups, clubs and developed successful activities, meeting needs of members. And how they increased membership, raised funds if needed or simply found an online app that made all the difference to their activity.

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We, at Frog are very ‘disruptive’ thinkers.
Firstly, we are giving local service providers guaranteed all-year-round visibility in the areas they serve for an annual advertising budget of next to nothing.

The Frog library is similarly disruptive.
Why should the public have to each part individually with a reasonable amount of money to acquire books that could change their lives? Why should this happen when Frog can build a library of these books for everyone to download FREE.

The digital age allows such innovation, but the majority of businesses seem to get so caught up in trying to make money they appear to take their eye-off-the-ball; business is about adding value to communities and individuals which is exactly what Frog’s mission is.

Cal, the founder of Frog has experienced his own journey of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism and has published his own book ‘My First Year Clean and Sober’ and shares all the recovery tools that anyone can use to change.

This is the first book to be introduced to the Frog library for you to download FREE. There are many more coming so please Join to enjoy this benefit.